Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Pegboard Is In...Finally, I have more room!

I was thrilled to death today when I got to go shopping at Home Depot and picked up some things for my new pegboard. Yep! Hubby finally got around to putting it up a few days ago and encouraged me to go find the things that would work. After looking around, I found a box that had I think around 40 pieces of things inside ...hooks, loops, etc.

Here it is, all decked out and holding the things I wanted out of my way and yet close by. The 3 pair of matching blue scissors belong to the grands. But I know that I have a few more pair laying around this house someplace.

The little basket was given to me by my wonderful and loving friend John and it sits on my sewing table and holds bindings and bias tape. This is inside my little sewing closet. Hmmmm, I wonder, if I could get him to put more of this up around the house...the kids rooms/closets, our closet, the basement, laundry room..this stuff rocks!

After Home Depot, I took the kids shopping for an Easter outfit. It is about the only time of the year I can get the oldest to wear a dress and we walked away from Sears with a $40 dress that had been marked down to $4.99!

The mall has one of those cheesy picture machines and the kids had never seen one, so I loaded them up inside and told them have a good time. As you can see, they were as goofy as the day was long, making gooney goo-goo eyes, goofing up their faces, it was so much fun to watch them ham it up for the camera that I had to post their pics here!

They chose the Peeps one for Easter and we got 8 pictures out of it, so for $3, I think it was a bargain and they seemed to have so much fun and enjoyed it very much!

Hey! We had to do something as our weather has been just as odd today as it was yesterday with the snow, sleet, hail, rain and repeat!

Have a great Easter!

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