Thursday, April 1, 2010

There are Many Good Deals This Week...

Heading out to your grocery store this week for Easter dinner shopping or just grocery shopping? Don't forget the coupons because there are some excellent deals out there this week. Well, there are in my neck of the woods anyway.

Besides the great prices and what I can match with coupons at Rite Aid, I have seen Yoplait Yogurt at 10/$5 and I have a coupon off for purchasing 6 of them. Pillsbury rolls are 2 for $4 and I have coupons off .50 for each so that will save me some money. Hawaii's own fruit juice is just a dollar a can and there are more bargains, so check out your local papers and don't forget to clip those coupons.

If you shop Costco, there are some good coupons to be had in there monthly coupon issue and some not so hot, but it depends on what you are shopping for.

Don't forget to check out your local fruit stands this week, if Strawberries are being offered in the grocery stores, you can probably get them for at least .50 cheaper and much fresher and sweeter as they come from locally grown farms and families.

Have a great shopping day and let me know if you found any bargains and how much money you saved!

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