Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Latest Project...You Could Get Lucky!

I know, they don't look like much right now, but when it is finished, it will be a small Jacobean Pomegranate quilt. I love the colors that were chosen for this pattern and can't wait to see it when it is completed!
It is really very simple once you get the pieces all cut out and if you don't mind doing paper or machine applique, which seems to be my latest projects.

Here is the thing, when it is done, I will never make another one. It is rare that I use a quilting pattern twice as there are so many new patterns and old patterns I have never tried.

You won't get any fabric with this, just the pattern and it looks like this and has 3 pages of printed templates so you can complete this adorable little quilt. If you would like to have it, all you need to do is let me know and send me your mailing address and as soon as I am finished with it in a few weeks, I will slip it off into the mail for you. International quilters, you are most welcome to let me know as well!

Normally, I do a first comment gets it, but this time, I am choosing the 4th comment and please remember, I see all comments before they get posted.

I just love sharing things with my blogger readers and I hope you all love playing along! I know I am due to hold a contest here soon, but think I will wait until the sun comes out here and have a reason to get energized!

I am also working on this hand embroidered quilt that will be put together much like a crazy quilt with each square having its own batting. All the squares are embrodiered and the last thing I need to complete is the stitching in the middle of each heart!

I am pretty sure when this one is completed it will wind up in Zibbet or ArtFire shop, but I haven't made that determination yet! I may just keep it around to hang on a chair or the quilt rack!

Wishing you all a chance to get some of your projects done this week-end & if not, that you have some playtime with your family!


Brenda said...

Oh well. I am first but maybe next time I'll be lucky. Looks like a great quilt pattern. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

Brenda said...

Oh well. i am first but maybe next time I'll be lucky. Looks like a great quilt pattern. Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

Pokey said...

Hi, Jean, What a neat way to give away, you are clever. I wanted to say hi, you do not need to put my name in since I won so recently. Good luck to the winner!