Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One More Quilt...Well, Almost

This is almost finished...I did most of the hand embroidery last year while recovering from my spinal fusion surgery, it has just taken this long to finish making the large X's for kisses on the floral squares.
It just feels good to have this and another quilt almost completely finished in a little under 2 weeks & it gives me hope that someday I will finish my granddaughters biscuit quilt and the hexagon quilt I seem to be working on forever.

The only quilt I will probably never finish is the one I was making for my mom during her struggle with breast cancer. It was done with pink ribbon fabric and had pictures of all her grandchildren scattered throughout. The day I returned from spending time with her husband, I put it away...haven't even looked at it once & not sure at this time, that I ever will.

Here are a few up close pictures of the detail that went into the hearts and then inside each heart is hand stitching of another heart. I used a variety of colored threads for each square and each kiss!

The back of the quilt will be finished with this wonderful orange background fabric filled with beautiful Gerbera Daisies. The fabric is called Daisies and was designed by Donna Dewberry for Westminster Fibers and is a fantastic cotton fabric.

The pictures just don't do the back fabric justice as it looks like the daisies are actually hand painted with an oil based paint, they are that fantastic. I can't wait to complete this quilt as it has been haunting me for over a year now & of course, once it is completed, I have done some more destashing and am still moving forward with that project and cutting some of my stash down to the bones!

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