Monday, July 19, 2010

Our New Baby - Meet Kasey

My family is NOT a cat family. Growing up, we had one dog that lived through my parents divorce and all of us growing up and getting married and leaving home. No cats, nope, not one.

My husbands family had dogs, goats, alligators, snakes, turtles, spiders, lizards and not one CAT!

Since we have been married, we had a few dogs here and there, but we were always moving with the military or living in small homes, so we were always giving them a better more stable home...until our Lacey was born and lived with us, shared our life, made us better people for over 11 years and then she passed on. A wonderful boxer lab mix who was amazing! But, no cats for our house...

Not until Kasey the kitty. Kasey came into our life the way many things do...just by chance or the Grace of God...I am not sure which. Kasey mom is a feral cat that my boss has fed for over a year so it wouldn't starve and had kitties in her yard and kept them there...well, every once in awhile, it would take them all somewhere else, but always brought them back!

When we were visiting one day the oldest grand sat down in the yard and this little bitty kitty came up to her and snuggled right into her was of course love at first touch and she went home and talked her Papa into it. Of course it is her Ranny who had to buy all the cat supplies, will pay the vet bills, etc.

When we first brought Kasey home, it (not sure boy or girl yet) hid between the wall and the dresser and finally, I pushed the dresser against the wall...after all, we want a pet, not a cat that is afraid of everyone! But here Kasey is, hiding in the very back of the hole!

My grands are very stubborn and they were not about to let their cat be afraid of them, so they found some cat toys and a few hours later, here is Kasey playing with its ball on a spool of yarn toy.

Tonight everytime my oldest grand moved to far away, Kasey would cry and cry...I believe he thinks she is his momma.

Anyway, these pictures were to cute to keep to myself!


Kathy said...

Hi, I'm Kathy from "Reflections by Kathy". Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'm so glad that you did. I'm always looking for new blog friends.

I love your new kitten. I am a long-time cat lover. Actually, I love all animals, but especially cats! I haven't been without a cat in years!

I hope your new kitty brings your grands many years of love and pleasure. You were right, the pictures were too cute not to share!

I like your blog, so I am becoming your newest follower. I will be following you under my 2nd blog "MiMi's Mini Tales". It's easier to follow through that blog than the one on wordpress. I will be looking forward to getting to know you better.

Have a great day! (Kathy)

Rannyjean said...

Thanks Kathy, I will be looking to you for Kitty advice!

Doreen McGettigan said...

This is the third "kitty rescue' story I have heard this week. I too have never been an animal person of any kind. My kids always brought people home. I adopted a 10 year old my daughter brought home from school one day and my husband brought home an 83 year old homeless woman who fell on the sidewalk in front of him(18 months ago). Back in October we took in 2 little terrior dogs and have fallen madly in love with them. Now I want a kitty (I think)..
I am a brand new visitor and a brand new follower from Over 40 FF and have finally made it through the entire list!
I hope when you get the chance you will stop by to say hello! they say everyone has a story..

Rannyjean said...

Thanks for stopping by Doreen, what a blessed family mix you have. We all have a story and mine is like the song that never ends, it goes on and on! Welcome and I hope you enjoy!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love kittens and I think she is going to fit well into your family...I am happy for the kids too.....