Friday, July 9, 2010

This Was Amazing!

Yesterday was a totally amazing, unreal day (at least for me). On Wednesday, we woke up to this bright ball of light in the sky that is known by people who don't leave on coastal Washington as Sun!

It truly was a day of extremes. We went from around 60 the day before to over 90 on Wednesday & while we are from Arizona and 90 is nothing, it was uncomfortable enough for us to purchase a window fan for the bedroom.

However, I couldn't see myself running out as many did to purchase air conditioners and waste hundreds of dollars because the weather here is a very fickle lady.

This picture was taken early last evening and it is of the fog that rolled in on Thursday and stayed all day and is still here. Temperatures yesterday were back to was 63 degrees.

What amazed me by the fog was the way it rolled in. I was heading to work when I saw this very large cloud start rolling in over the river and I believe initially that there was a large fire somewhere very close. As I rounded the other side of the river, it was coming faster and getting darker, I even rolled my window down, but couldn't smell smoke! It was fog!

This fog was so thick, you couldn't see the boats on the water, as they were mere shadows gliding along to and fro, when you would see one.

The weather around here, just never ceases to amaze me...from 90 one day to 60 & foggy the next, it is ever changing and always a surprise...thank you, Mother Nature for keeping me amused and I guess I better start taking my camera with me!

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