Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watch Those Statements....You Might Be Over Charged

So, the other day I go in and pay my American General bill and it is early and I have paid enough to cover my payment, my interest and some extra. I sent $126 for a $41 bill. I know what my interest has been so I factor in $15.66 and sent what I thought would be the equivalent of 2 payments, interest and a bit extra.

Imagine my shock when I found out only $85.00 of the $126.00 was applied to my account. It seems American General immediately charge me an additional $41 in interest stating my bill arrangements had expired and my rate went up from 8% to 24% & all this happened prior to the end of my billing statement.

When I called American General to see what was going on, the CSR on the other end was snippy and rude & told me they had been allowing me to work on payment arrangements (I knew that) and those expired in May so I was charged the extra interest. Funny, my bill didn't reflect that.

I am not saying I do not owe them, I do and I am doing my best to pay them off, but I find it interesting that each time I pay American General a tad bit extra, they raise my payment and interest rate.

A few months ago, they had to credit back money to me because they showed me owing over $360 (which I do not and never did) and charged me extra interest for something no one could explain.

I really want to pay this bill off ASAP & I can't do that, if they keep jacking my payments around. They have been really good to me up until this point...I just don't get why when I try to send extra it seems to get absorbed into a list of excuses and not into my bill.

Now I am off...looking for that Fairy GodMother that will help me pay this creditor off!

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