Monday, July 19, 2010

A Night Out...Carman In Concert

Last night, our church hosted the wonderful singer and Radically Saved evangelist, Carman. It was a short show, but he called our church awhile back and asked if he could come out and preach and sing and the church was packed to the brim with people.

It was nice for the grands because this summer we have not been able to do trips or vacations anywhere, just hanging out and daycare field trips...they never complain! Last night, they clapped, they danced, they had a great time!

The really neat thing about this is that I took their dad and uncle when they were about the same age to see Carmen and they loved him as well. Now they will send their daddy the bookmarks they got last night.

I think they were more excited about that than the concert, but it was a great break and a spiritually uplifting time for all of us!

If you haven't seen Carman yet, check him out at:, I promise you will not walk away disappointed and if you are needing some spiritual uplifting, this is the person who can do it.


Carol said...

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Jessica Warrick said...

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