Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How NOT to win a race....

It was a fantastic week-end & the first time we actually have been able to get away together since 2007. It started Saturday at home in a drizzle and we hit the road by 0830...30 minutes prior to hubs planned time of departure.

The trip to Banks, Oregon was uneventful with the exception of a hotel room....there are no hotels in Banks, so we had made a reservation for a hotel in Hillsboro that turned into a disgusting dive, but down the road was an Econolodge and that was fine for me. Problem is, the room wouldn't be ready for at least an hour...

We went to lunch and drove to Banks to drop hubs off at the track and back to the motel (over an hour) and no room yet...so I did what any red blooded woman would do when in Oregon...went tax free shopping at JoAnnes!

We put the kitty in the camper complete with open windows, water, food and a litter box. When we got back, the room was ready and I kicked up the A/C and took a crash nap & back to the track!

Our car, the Wrecktified Racing #10 won the first heat! Lets give a shoutout for Jay Biggs! Then we took 5th and the last race we came in next to last.

It was warm, no cold blowing rain and a nice time.

The car pictured above got hit by another car and no one wants to come off the track between 2 tow trucks!

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