Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Quick Project & A Remake

This WAS one of the throw pillows in my bedroom, it matches my comforter and I love having pillows on the bed to prop up against.

However, last winter, one of the grands had pneumonia and the only way she could sleep was to prop her up high after her breathing treatments & you can see all the little white spots are what we in our home affectionately call 'punkin juice.' You know, the drool that babies drool all over...

To me, it isn't attractive and the pillows wouldn't clean and tossing them in the wash would have ruined them, so being a crafty quilter, I tore off the cover and repurposed the inside and now the youngest grand is happy because she has her own pretty pillow.

In less than 10 minutes it went from being an eye sore, to becoming a brightly colored, brand new pillow for a little girl who loves pretty! It was so easy to strip off the old fabric, take the new fabric and sew 4 sides leaving an opening in one side, stuffing the new pillow and sewing up the seam!
Not a penny spent on this project and nothing wasted...well, the old fabric....hmmm, even this old quilter wouldn't save it!

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Anonymous said...

Love the colors!