Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Quilt Closer To My Goal

I completed this quilt today for the orphans in Sierra Leone and it was very simple. I used a simple cotton fabric with a light plaid print and a warm company batting.

I finished it off by adding satin blanket binding and putting some decorative stitching down the middle.
It isn't fancy, but it will make an orphan happy and hopefully keep them warm.

I also had someone volunteer today to crochet a few blankets for these orphans.

So, you don't have to quilt to help out. Donate a knitted or crocheted blanket as well and these young boys and girls would be thrilled.
While we think we are struggling, imagine washing your clothes in a river. No clean water and having to worry about being robbed everytime you go somewhere.

Yet, these orphans are very rich in spirit!

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