Monday, August 30, 2010

A Progressive Kind of Day

How many of you have seen the Progressive Insurance company with Flo? You know, the lady all dressed in white with the exception of her bright red lipstick? If you have seen her and have seen the commercials, then I know you have seen the one where she is talking to the guy about discounts:
Does he own a car? Discount. Does he have a home? Discount. Then she says something and he shouts his enthusiasm and she tells him there's no discount for agreeing with me.

So, I was feeling kind of blah today and thought I needed a progressive kind of day and mine went this way:

  • Woke up early & feeling good.....Blessing
  • Fixed kids lunches and had their breakfast cooked before I woke them up......Blessing
  • Kids up the first time I called then and dressed in record time.....Blessing
  • Hubby took kids to daycare.....Blessing
  • Rained on the way to work...a Washington Car Wash....Blessing
  • Saw 3 deer eating near the airport.....HUGE Blessing
  • Arrived to work on time and early......Blessing

Things happen in all our days that can make us gloomy and feel down, but if we look at each thing we do during the day as blessings, life just seems great!

Have A Jesus Filled, Blessing Filled...Progressive kind of day!


Pokey said...

Everything looks better with a thankful heart! Thanks, Jean!
Hugs, pokey

listening to Cheri Keaggy ~ "There is Joy in the Lord"...

Rannyjean said...

Amen...even when it looks upside down, God sees it right side up!

Sandy said...

Thanks for thae reminder. We can all use one ever now and then. Here's to a blessed day.

Haynes said...

How true it is a blessing just waking up each morning...