Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Quilt Finished...

Here is the second quilt I worked on this past week-end for the orphans in Sierra Leone. I simple put together 8 fat quarters, laid them face to face (right sides together) with the backing, placed the batting on top, sewed around the edges leaving an opening to pull it through and voila!

Of course that isn't the way I left it. I used a bright blue Sulky Premium thread (oh how I am so impressed by Sulky thread...I had not one breakage, no bird nesting and a bobbin of it seemed to last forever) to sew a blanket stitch on all 4 sides.

When I finished that, I completed the quilt with stitch in the ditch stitching across the 3 rows and then down the middle. It was really easy to do and if I feel like it, I may do 2 more this coming week-end.

The fat quarters were donated to me just over a year ago by the wonderfully talented Margarita McManus over at Crazy Shortcut Quilts:
and you simply must check out her 'busty-cup' holders she created for breast cancer...they are just too creative!

I finished the back with someblue and white flannel fabric I have had for several years and will deliver it to Lindsay Kargbo tomorrow at chuch after work. This now makes a grand total of 4 quilts down and 51 more to go.

As you can tell, these quilts really do not need to be elaborate, but I try to make each one unique since these orphans are blind and only have their sense of touch. I have used many different things to help with their tactical sense...Corduroy/buttons, fuzzy yarn...if you want to help, use your imagination & make it durable.

All of us have something everyday to be thankful for and I am hoping some of my readers step up to the plate and say...let me help, I can do this!


Haynes said...

Love the quilt absolutley beautiful

Rannyjean said...

Thank you, they are so fun to make!