Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Witch Is In & She is Very Happy!

This was my project I worked on yesterday and I absolutely love the way it came out and I came up with a story for it. Okay, so I am a tad bit goofy.

I picked up this pattern over a year ago from a quilt shop and thought it was too cute to not put up in a teachers room, on someone's front door, from a decorative flag pole or just a chair throw for someone who likes witches.

We have all seen how witches are portrayed from Halloween to the Wizard of Oz, they zip around on their brooms here and there concocting spells from lizard lips, cackling loudly and creating havoc.

I decided it was due to having to wear those striped socks, ugly shoes and riding that uncomfortable broom. Thanks to Melinda my buddy who always wears heels and red shoes, I decided to update my witches clothing so she can be more fashionable.

Instead of the old black hate, I used some blue and purple Disney Mickey fabric (should have used another fabric after I looked when it was done), her hat has some purple trim and notice her in vogue spider net stockings...these will be the envy of every witch at the upcoming witches ball.
But what made this little witch so happy was her red shoes! Now, this will be one witch that won't be casting spells on least not unhappy spells, because she is just thrilled with her new red shoes and up to date duds!
If anyone is interested, I will be listing a few of these in my Zibbet shop!

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Margaret said...

Just love the shoes.