Monday, September 6, 2010

A Labor Day Gathering...

Today, was a great day for a BBQ, even if it was raining and wet outside. Two of our wonderful neighbors got together and invited everyone to a Labor Day BBQ...bring your own drink, salad and dessert. It was amazing.

This first pic is of our amazing neighbor who told me today he will be 94 in November. It was so good to see him there and sit and talk with him, he is such an amazing man who makes me smile and always has a kind word for me and the kids and thinks hubs can do no wrong...he can't, I will agree!

Here are all our hosts/hostesses....the cook is Doug and his wife is our local piano teacher and such a sweet person. The woman holding the baby used to live here in our home for many years and then purchase the home she is in now which happens to be her parents old home.

There were brats, hotdogs, hamburgers, coleslaw, potato salad, beans, chips, macaroni salads, etc. The deserts were equally yummy...banana cream pie, pineapple pie, brownies, etc..

As you can see, the kids were having a blast. They had a balloon pumps and they attempted to make balloon animals & they gave away plastic lei's. There would have been more but the weather didn't allow for it.

It was just a wonderful and great day!

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