Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Wonderful Week

The first week of school is over and here is what my little darlins looked like on day one. Wow! I remember when I could get them to stand still and take their pictures, but now...they aren't interested, they want to leave for school, not stand for pictures.

One had no homework and will have no homework on Friday's. One has homework everyday and will have homework everyday and homework during winter/spring breaks and has already had the hardest and longest spelling test of the year and after days of tears from not liking the way I had her she is holding up her first 100% of the year!

Oh, her shirt? It says, 'I love my parents more than my piggybank!' This year she has the same teacher she had for kindergarden and she knows her well and they really like each other so I expect wonderful things coming from her.

Baby boy... he has a class room in which the teachers co-teach and they were my mentors the year I did Americorps & they are wonderful & will be great for him. One of them lives just a few doors and up the hill from us, so another incentive for him to behave. HAHA!!

The oldest...her teacher is a wonderful, soft spoken, amazing woman who just reaches into the creative side of the kids and shows them how to reach their highest potential.

This year will be great!I also won fabric this week. I was so excited to hear from Lisa at A Mild Season blog that I had won not just any fabric, but one yard of this beautiful vintage fabric:

My step-dad sent the kids a wonderful box of books and things for school and he sent a check which covered the cost of the last coat I had to buy. It was a blessing, but also a tradition he is continuing in my moms memory.

The week ended with my mom...her birthday would have been yesterday. I would have called her later in the evening and she would have just been filled with excitement as all 4 of her children would have called her and she would have filled me in on the conversations. I miss my mom....

Today, if I get motivated and the sky clears, I will take the kids to the races. On the other hand, I have an opportunity to go to Olympia and meet Jake and Josh Harris from the Cornelia Marie....this is a tough call!

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Margaret said...

The children are growing up , as I look at your posts you can see them growing by the minute. Great to have good teachers.