Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Room, Two Spaces

Well, the moving of beds into the house and into their proper areas went so well yesterday, I never had time to grab the video camera. By the time I realized things were happening, there was already one bed in the house!

The movement was so well orchestrated by those involved it was amazing! Three people hefted the beds up into the window and one person pulled it in while the other 3 came around and the four of them moved the beds into place.

I took out the old room sized rug/carpet they had in the room and left the wood floor exposed, I will get a smaller area rug for this space.

These beds have so much storage...4 large drawers and a shelf. The shelf holds their favorite books in magazine holders, their video game cases and the larger box in the front holds all their socks (each child has their own sock box.

What you don't see is their is space from one end of the bed to the other under the mattress and the things that will be stored under the bed will be things not needed...old school work in bins, baby blankets, etc. This will empty their closet and make so much more room in there.

This is the second bed, on the complete opposite side of the bedroom. It was set up this way because one of them likes the light on at night and the other doesn't so it gives the one that does, light from the kitchen.

We were going to place a two sided desk down the middle of the floor, but one of hubs co-workers suggested we purchase a couple of those padded lap desks with lights on them and bed pillows and they can do their homework that way.

I thought that was a brilliant idea and it gives them more freedom and they won't be at each other while they are working on homework.

I was only sad once yesterday when the girls decided it was time to pull the Tinkerbell wall stickers off their walls with both declaring she was okay when they were 'babies.' What I found interesting is their Papa was out shopping unbeknownst to us for sheet sets and had a Tinkerbell & Princess set in his hands but decided with winter coming on to grab some flannel sheets instead.

Good job Papa!!

The taller dresser you see here, will be moved into their brothers room so we have room for the piano keyboard and chair & make room for an old family heirloom rocking chair I will bring up out of the basement and make a small quilt to drape over the top.

Even the cat got a new area, the large toilet paper box in the background the girls rescued from WalMart and put an old pillow inside of it for her. Of course in this picture, she preferred her kitty condo.


Chelsey said...

This looks amazing! I love those beds with the drawers and storage space. I love their quilts too!

How sad to see the childish things go... They grow up so fast...

Lisa said...

Storage, one of my favorite words :)

Rannyjean said...

My house growing up seemed to hold everything and we didn't have a garage or a storage shed..well, the shed was used for a mower, but we seemed to have more room than we needed!

Melinda Cornish said...

it all worked out and I am so glad!!!!!!!!! I bet the kids are are a wonderful Ranny....