Monday, September 20, 2010

Selling A Home Furnished...Kinda

Oh my, the video I should have up this week-end is going to be a doozy and please excuse the cursing that will probably be going on as well. You see, we decided to purchase the kids new beds and these were a wonderful bargain at less than $200. They are built solid as a rock and weigh as much as a boulder...I know, I have been helping move one around a bit.

And, before anyone asks, NO, they DO NOT come apart! So, we se these wonderful solidly maid beds and they have under the bed storage..for things you don't want to move around a lot...and 4 solid dove tail drawers and we will need 3 extra long mattresses for them, but they are amazingly solid!

Uh Oh!! We tried getting one in the bedrooms this evening and uh, our house is so old, the doors are narrow, the frames are short and we got the bed wedged in the hall and it wouldn't move any more. So now, the bed is in my living room. We can't get it in the basement, because that would take an act of God!

So, even though we do not condone drinking, hubby says he will be buying cases of beer for Saturday as all 3 beds must be lifted into a bedroom window that is about 5 feet off the ground. These are heavy and weigh close to 300# each...maybe not that much, but close.

It will take 3 guys on the ground and 1 inside the house and if all goes as planned, it should just be able to slide in the window and be put into place.

But I know this for fact...when the time comes to sell this home, it will come with 3 beautiful beds, an all refridgerator fridge, a stand up freezer, front loading washer & dryer and roll top desk because we are simply to old to move this stuff on our own and the cost of movers would be well, costly!

Whats worse? We will eventually have to put carpet in the bedrooms and that will mean moving the beds around again!



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darn it.......what a pain in the you know.......
I had to move a couch thru a window one time....I bet the kids are excited though!