Sunday, October 24, 2010

As We Age, We Improvise

As we get older, we learn to improvise to make life a bit more comfortable for ourselves. This week-end hubs and the grandson had a family camping trip planned with the scouts and unfortunately for them there was high winds and lots of rain so they couldn't use a tent.

So, being the smart Papa that he is, my hubs took the tarp, placed it over the camper for not only dryness but to hold in some extra heat. He placed their air mattress in the back of the camper and all their blanket and sleeping bags and lights.

They enjoyed all the activities and when bed time came around, they sat on the tail gate, ate some jerky, put on some dry clothing, pulled the tail gate up, the shell door shut and they told me they slept very well!

Here is a picture of how the tarp was set up to allow them easy access to getting in and out and yet kept them dry and their belongings all nice and dry. The next morning, hubs got up, set up his inverter under the hood of the truck, set up his Bunn coffee maker and he was happy. He said many people walked by saying they wished they had thought of it.

While it may not have been totally roughing it, the guys had some guy time and a great time!


autumnesf said...

This is awesome! And camping with grandpa? Priceless.

Robin said...

Very inventive. That is what scouting is all about. Using the tools you have at your disposal. Improvise. Improvise. Improvise.

Rannyjean said...

His Papa was a boy scout and you can tell it many times!