Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Utility Room

Our home is small and the cabinets do not hold very much. In addition, I have this really crazy cabinet with shelves that is only about 2 foot wide and 7 foot deep and everything that goes in it, gets pushed to the back. It is a nightmare.

Though going up and down the stairs causes me a lot of pain, I decided I would move all the kitchen items down stairs in my laundry room where there were shelves sitting empty with the exception of a few tools.

Hubs had already tiled the bottom shelf with leftover vinyl flooring from the bathroom and that planted the first seeds in my mind.

So, I kept looking for vinyl flooring and found a lady who had black and white tiles and only wanted a mere pittance for them, so I purchased them and began cleaning and sweeping the shelves. It went amazingly quick, just peel and stick.

Surprisingly, I even had enough to complete the floor under these shelves and while we are still in the process of making this a pantry, the kids aren't afraid to go in there any longer because it is all clean and neat.

I recently was able to get rid of lots of the old paint to people who wanted any color and the ones I have left now are for finishing up around our front and back doors and I can then let the rest of this go and be rid of this paint once and finally.

I am always looking for new ideas to give our small home room and this was so easy to do. I look forward to seeing what you have all done to give your homes more space!

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