Sunday, October 24, 2010

Would You Give $12 To Help 2 Children?

Each year around this time, charities begin hitting all of us up for monetary donations so they can meet the growing demands for help. Every year around this time, I let you know about one that personally affects our family. One that reaches out beyond prison walls and says from a father to his children, they are loved and while he made a bad mistake, they are still loved and cared about.

I am talking about Angel Tree ministries and the children they provide Christmas gifts to. You don't have to like the people in prison, what they have done, but can you honestly turn your back on a child who had nothing to do with the crime, but is paying the time just the same?

A child who worries about where their next meal will come from, how to repair the hole in their shoes for a few more days so the wet and cold aren't felt so much, children who have nothing and will sit in a home on Christmas day without anything.

If you could help not one, but two children for just $11.44 one time, would you do it? This money isn't going to feed children in other countries (there is nothing wrong with that), it isn't going to foreign soil, it is remaining here in the United States for children of prisoners. These children without love and feeling abandoned, may repeat the pattern their parents did. Won't you help to break that cycle and give a child hope?

If you respond by November 5th,
you won't be helping just one child, but two. Won't you reach out and send Angel Tree a donation of $11.44? That is less than a weeks worth of latte's, lunch out or gas in your vehicle and much less than many will pay for Christmas gifts this year for one child, let alone two.

In our family, my son signs his children up for this wonderful program. Then, sometime in December, I receive a call from a local church that sponsors this program and a date to pick up the gifts, already wrapped and waiting for them.
Imagine the joy and ecstasy on their faces when they see a gift not just with their name on it, but their nicknames with a special message that lets them know this 100% is from their daddy.

Every year, I cry when they call, I cry when we pick up their gifts and I cry on Christmas morning when they open up those gifts their dad picked out for them. It is the most amazing thing to sit in front of a Christmas tree flowing with so many gifts and the only one they want to open is from their daddy!

Won't you please join me in donating to this wonderful organization to give children a Christmas? This year, their goal is to reach 400,000 children in need. If you can't donate $11.44 perhaps $5.00 or locate a local church in your area where you can donate your time by volunteering! Or, simply pray for this organization to reach its goal of 400,000 children.

After all, where can you donate so little and get so much in return?

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