Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Blog Award...V Is For Versatile

Many of you have seen this award around. I want to thank Pokey for giving me a chance to share my versatility with all of you and to pass this award onto several of my wonderful blog followers.

What does versatile mean? To me, it means easy to change like making a wonderful chocolate chip cookie recipe and changing the chips to chunks, the walnuts to Macadamias and it tasting as wonderful as it would have using the original recipe.

Versatile is adapability, having various uses, handy. Wow! As a quilter, I have tons of versatility in my stash...I can change a pattern to make it from lap to king, colors from Easter to Christmas and to fit each person a quilt is made for.

As a woman we are all versatile, quickly changing from our mom, to friend to wife to lover persona when needed.

Here are the seven (7) unknown facts about me, unless you have known me forever!

1. I am absolutely terrified of mice! When I broke my leg several years back my husband was out of state. I was in our bathroom when a mouse ran in, I hopped with my cast out the door, closed it, called a friend over and slept on the couch after that!

2. My step-dad was military, when we finally settled down, I grew up in Moss Landing, California a small fishing village...I now work in a small fishing village and I have met several people who know my brother back home!

3. I can't have company over unless my house is in perfect order which is why my best friend just shows up before calling...he knows I will clean!

4. I have never cooked a Thanksgiving meal, my husband and my best friend John do the cooking!

5. I can quilt, but I cannot read a ruler!

6. I married my husband having known him for less than a month!

7. I love Icee's and Slurpee's so much, my kids used to call me Icee Mama and I wasn't sure if they were teasing me or asking me if I wanted an Icee.

Now, to pass this onto several of my blog watchers whose blogs and friendships have keep me sane on many a dreary and dark day & as Pokey are not mandated to participate!

  • Ashley at: Always a Piece of Me
  • Becky at: Becky's Carolina Journal , Becky is a Christian and takes some pretty incredible photos.
  • Sara at: My Sewing Room, she is always letting me know she cares and uplifts me with her comments and her beautiful quilting projects.
  • Patrick Lose if you are a crafter, quilter, embroiderer and you don't know about Patrick, you are missing a day without sunshine, he is just an inspiration always cheering us on and check out his latest project Quilting Celebrations magazine in a quilt shop or store near you!
  • Rebecca at Thirty Goodness, a beautiful person who is as sweet as sugar!

There are so many...Melinda, Sherry, Cathy, Amy and the many wonderful women who uplift me daily!

Thank you for being so sweet and versatile!


Ashley said...

Thank you!

Pokey said...

That's a great list! I love
-marrying after a month, and
-small world knowing your brother!
Thank you for posting and sharing all your good stuff!