Saturday, October 16, 2010

Drug Addicts Control What We Can and Can't Buy

So, the oldest one is working on her chemistry badge for scouting and one of the experiments she is supposed to be doing is an invisible ink project.  Simple enough one would think because of the ingredients...corn starch, iodine, alcohol.  WRONG!!

We went to find iodine the other day, a very common medicine that when I was a child was in everyones medicine cabinet...that or Mertholate, I still cringe when I remember we all knew if someone was injured because of the red stain on our skin.  Now, we all use Neosporin, no pain and no tell tale red stain.

But still, I had hubby go down to the pharmacy to pick up a bottle so we could proceed!  Nope!  The pharmacy doesn't carry it and they can't get it. Having worked nuclear power and knowing about 'iodine uptakes,' hubby thought maybe it was due to a child having swallowed some.  Kinda makes sense!  NOT!!

The reason you cannot get iodine is because it is on the DEA's List 1 of banned chemicals because it is used to make Meth.  So, because drug addicts use it to make more drugs, those of us who do not do drugs, can't buy it!

When is the madness going to stop?  I can't purchase ephedrine or pseudoephdrine for colds any longer, my hubby needed acetone for something awhile back and was told he couldn't purchase it any longer.  Why??  Because it is used in Meth!

Now, no one hates that drug more than I do, it has destroyed my family in so many ways, it has taken the kids mom and dad away from them, I remember a few years back a young lady coming to our house in tears because her parents were using drugs and the dealers were there to take their washer and dryer....they had already taken the other furniture.

It is an insidious drug, the end results are never good and the fugglies that people get (meth bumps/sores/ loss of teeth/emaciation) is not pretty and you can spot a meth addict a mile away.  

My Gosh!  Even baby formula is now regulated in many areas because it is used as a base for crack and meth. How much more are we going to allow to be taken away from us because of drugs?

The real problem I see is that not enough is done to STOP it.  Obvious labs or homes that manufacture the drug goes undisturbed by officers because the law is so jumbled up any more, it would take forever to get an arrest and once it happens, they are right back out.

It is sad, our society has allowed simple things in our life to be taken away in the name of protecting us.  In reality, we aren't winning the war on Meth and we never will until we get to the core of why people use it and work on that!

In the meantime....we will experiment with some other things to see if we can produce the results she needs to earn her badge.

If they want to ban something, why not just remove cigarettes off the shelves altogether, after all, Cancer and Emphysema kill more people per year than Meth does!

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Anonymous said...

Merthiolate! I used to scream bloody murder when my dad would retrieve it from the medicine chest,knowing it was going to hurt or sting like hell!!!

It is ashame that the drug culture has taken over. I wouldn't mind if they took cigarettes off the market completely myself. Baby formula is a shocker! It's a tough problem to conquer because of all the legalities involved. There's always a someone's rights being violated which gets caught up in all the red tape so a lot of these felons go free. Our judiciary system needs alot of reworking.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Enjoyed yours as well!