Saturday, October 9, 2010

For Emerald Alice Wherever You May Be....Daddy Loves You

My son Justin is incarcerated.  I don't like what he did, but he is my son and while I may not like the things he did, I still love him and his children love him.  Awhile back, we discovered his youngest daughter had been hurt by an adult and Arizona CPS chose to leave her with her mother.  CPS was required to let my son know and he had an attorney and tried to have his baby girl placed with us since we have sole legal custody of his other 3. Perhaps even let her stay with her other grandma and aunt as they have a safe home.

What happened isn't really known, but his ex-wife trumped up lies. She even cut her own family out of this child's life because they were bold enough to stand up and tell the truth!  She told the court lots of lies about my son and CPS allowed her to keep her daughter.  It kills all of us to know this precious child is being used as a pawn by her mother to get back at my son or our family because we have custody of the 3.  We haven't seen Emerald in several years, though we have asked to have her fly up here with my youngest son when he comes up for visits.

So Emerald, if you ever find my blog, if you ever want to know about your daddy and did he care or does he care for you....yes squirt, he does love you, he has tried to contact you and keep in contact with you, but your mom has made up lies so he can't.  This poem is for you from your daddy.

The First Time I Saw An Angel Fly

Let me tell you about the first time I seen an angel fly, 
And how I tripped out when she stood up and...
Placed her sandals to her side.

I was young and only five and
I didn't understand much about life.

Though I tried,
I saw it, couldn't believe it
even lied.

Now I know as she stood alone,
Tip toed on the edge of the bridge.

She was overlooking life,
Searching deep in her soul.
For a reason why to live.

I seen faith within her face and couldn't help but smile.
She couldn't see hope of the innocence placed,
In the face of a child.

It's remembered much like a dream.
The beauty of death is what i seen.
She spread her wings and closed her eyes.

This was the first time I seen an angel fly.

                                                                                      Justin Kester
**This poem is the property of Justin Kester who is incarcerated.  Please do not copy or use this poem with the express permission of Justin or the author of this blog.**

I do not know what this poem means, I didn't write it, my son did!

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