Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stone Heart, A Prisoners Poem

                                                Stone Heart
People think my heart is made of stone,
   I hide my pain well, until I am alone.
People think I cannot feel,
   But the pain in my heart is very real.

I have lived so long in a darkened cell,
   Where your feelings you cannot tell.
A chink in the armour some would say.
    Weak men here don't last a day.

So forgive me mamma if I've changed.
    The animal in me is writing this page.
Until i see your face or here your voice,
     I'll be an animal, but not by choice.

                                                              Justin Kester
**This poem was written by my son Justin who is currently doing time in prison.  This poem may not be copied or rewritten without express permission of Justin.  If you would like to use this poem, you must contact the owner of this blog.  Please respect the fact that while he is in prison, he is still human!  Do not copy this poem**

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