Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pocket Full of Prayers

This is my latest project and a really great idea for those people you know who keep prayer lists and prayer chains as it has nine pockets for placing prayers in.

You can use any type
of fabric you wish, I just happen to love snowmen and snow and had some scraps of Christmas fabric left over from other projects and made mine a bit holidayish! (I am pretty sure there is no such word!)

You can see the scroll I have made for the middle of the top and bottom of the quilt. I need to work a bit harder on centering my designs, but I liked the red on the gold!

You can also see my affinity for snow in the snow men, the blue snow flake fabric and the small green squares are actually snow covered pine trees. The blue pockets have sparkles on them like fresh snow before it gets all mus
hy, the green pockets is called snowballs and the white have snowflakes on them.

Here, you can see the more intricate quilting I am doing on both the bottom and top of the side of the quilt. This is really an easy flowing design and I was able to almost finish it while watching the NASCAR race last night. Congrats to Jaime Murray who won Charlotte! You can even see the snow flake design in the gold fabric.
Today, I hope to place the binding on finish it up. I am using one of the wonderful fabrics I received from Patrick Lose awhile back, Satinesque stripe in a leaf green and I think it will pull out the green in the smaller tree squares, but I know it will truly enhance the back with the greens and reds from the Poinsettia's.

It is my goal to use this quilt as a way to help those in my Tuesday Bible study who cannot afford books to be blessed. I am asking $45 to cover the cost of the book $25 and the cost of my fabric and labor.

As a group of God loving women, I believe we can reach out and bless those in need. I am even thinking of approaching our leader and asking her if we could do a handmade Christmas gift sale to help those in need...I know we have a painter, a designer, a cake fun!

I hope you had a relaxing day yesterday as I did.

Today, it is church and Boy Scouts!


Melinda Cornish said...

it is wonderful Jean...I love the pocketful of prayers....
I am doing better with my whole attitude about work.
I think God has been working on me..........(gee, ya think)
Hope things have been a little easier for you too.....xoxoox

Melissa said...

I love your photos of your Quilt projects! The idea of the pocketful of prayers is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing!