Sunday, October 3, 2010

Respect For Our Husbands

I know that many of us work outside of our homes, by the time we have put in our 10-12 hour work day, running the kids to practices, we have nothing left at the end of the day for our husbands and as hard as they work for us and as much as they love us, I am beginning to realize they are the ones that are being short changed!

I don't know what has happened to me lately, but I have become sad, snippy, yippy, no energy and even on what I believe are good days, I don't give my husband the respect he deserves and I am beginning to see that is not fair to him at all.

Do you have challenges in your marriage? Do you feel you are owed something? Do you think you are the only one the feels overwhelmed in today's economy? I know how you feel, many things have happened to our family since we moved to Washington dreams haven't been as beautiful living here as I believed they would, there have been chinks taken out of my mind and heart and none of it is my husbands fault...he just takes the brunt of my depression or anger, but I don't do it deliberately, it just comes.

If you are like me, I ask that you not pray for just your husbands to change, but ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart, mind and hears and shut your mouth. Ask the Lord to work with you and change you so you can support your husband in the way he needs it.

I love my husband dearly, I would stand in the line of fire for him, we have experienced many painful things in our marriage and now, our marriage is wonderful...but I have noticed that most of the niceties lately are coming from him.

Maybe it's menopause...but it isn't right and I know it hurts his soul and I don't mean to...if you feel this way, pray the following:

'Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus and I ask your forgiveness for the times I have not treated my husband respectfully in public and in private. Forgive me for the times I have hurt him by my words and actions. I pray that I will become a wife who treats her husband with honor and respect at all times. Let my thoughts, words and actions be pleasing to You as I submit myself to the Biblical role You have intended for me. I also ask that my husband and I will come to you regularly for times of prayer. I ask that You will lead us as we pray for one another and for others. Bless our times together. Amen'

This prayer comes out of my Wonder for Womanhood Titus 2 woman's study. It is opening my eyes and my heart to how I need to change, not how I need to change my husband. I have been blessed to follow inspirational blogs that encourage me to be all I can be and through these blogs I have learned that submission is not such a bad word, it is how we have contrived it to be!

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