Thursday, October 14, 2010

V is For Vanity and R is for ROC Doesn't Work

I believe in a perfect society, we wouldn't be bombarded by advertisements for facelifts on the television, models wouldn't have perfect looking skin and at the very least not be air brushed to look better and we would do more to be who God created us to HIS image.

With that said, I am blessed to have wonderful genetics and great looking skin and I have not done much to it really.  I have always used Ivory soap to wash my face or Noxema skin cream against the many warnings of my grandmother to use a high priced product.

I have also done that as well suffering from sensitive skin and anything that can cause it to burn, itch or break out.  I have used Oil of Olay for years, I have tried many good products on the market to clean my face.  One of my favorites has been Clinique if I have the money to spend.

With that said, I want to save you money if I can and tell you NOT to purchase ROC's CompleteLift eye cream, it is not worth the $21 price tag you will spend and using it religiously for almost 3 months now night and day has not shown a decrease in my eye puffiness, but on some mornings my eyes have been so puffy I have had to use ice to reduce some of the swelling.

No, I did not have this severe puffiness prior to using ROC's product.  I even had somewhat better luck with Garnier's roller ball leaving it in the fridge and for less money.

I am not naive, I do not believe a cream can do what a surgeon needs to do, however at my age of 54, I do not want someone cutting on my face even to remove the bags from under my eyes.

So ladies, don't waste your vanity money on ROC, spend it on a nice lipstick, eye liner or something else.

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