Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All done and ready for Christmas. This pattern is known as the Brick Streets of Moline and it took cutting over 300 pieces of numerous Christmas fabrics for the way I wanted it to look.

If you look closely, I am sure you might spot some of the fabric you donated to me or that I won from one of your wonderful blogs.

This concludes another destashing project for 2010 and I am so excited I have actually emptied out 1 full large bin of fabric so far this year.

This one is 63" long and 42 1/2" wide. I did a modified free motion stitch in the ditch on it and was happy that it came out great without any major puckering!

A blog follower of mine talked me into the scrappy pieced back and while I am normally a one piece quilt back type of quilter, I was actually happy with the way it came out.

The binding came out perfectly again, thanks to some great instructions from the Quilting Celebrations magazine by Fons and Porter with designs by Patrick Lose.

If you would like this pattern from the 1983 Stitch 'N Sew Quilts magazine, drop me a line and it is yours. I would love to see what you would do with the same pattern and different fabric!


Margaret said...

Good on you ! for emptying a stash bag and making such a lovely quilt for someone's years of enjoyment.

Pokey said...

Great project for those scraps! How's the teaching job, aren't you loving those babies?