Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Share....

Today is Sunday, the Lords Day, this is the day for relaxing and with my physical problems right now, I may not have any other choice, but it is a day for me always to reflect on things I have learned during the past week.
I have learned with my daily devotions that I am stronger because of the Lord than I would be without my Faith in Him, that I just believe He knows where He wants me right now and I am here! So, what have I learned this past week all inquiring minds really want to know. Well, don't you? HAHA!!

I have learned that I love being around women that are filled with the love for Jesus. However (you knew it was coming) I cannot always agree with their positions or their standings when it comes to blindly following a leader as I have never been a blind follower, more like a doubting Thomasina.

I love my Lord and will follow Him to the ends of my days, however, I will not follow any other leader into the jungle and drink the kool-aid, or into a bunker for a shoot out or any other place that I am following mans ideals and not Gods! So, what I learned this week is when someone tells me I must follow someone without questioning their decisions, that I dug my heals in and said, NO!

Can I get an Amen? When my husband makes a decision, we sit and talk about it, we weigh the pros and cons, we discuss the positive and negative. He does not come in with a jack hammer or a mallet and tell me, 'woman, you must do as I say, you must follow me because it is written." NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

Jesus told his disciples to follow him and to lay down their worldly possessions. I am learning the more I get into my bible , the less I want all the 'stuff in my life.' I feel like my stuff is just weighing so heavy on me and I don't know if it is the bible or the fact that we live in a small house and there seems to be stuff everywhere. Also the more I read, the more I question why I am being asked to do something 'blindly.'

Stuff can clutter our minds and I don't like feeling cluttered! I don't like feeling closed in and I don't like being told to pledge my undying loyalty to someone who deserves it just because they are a male? Who made that law? Man or men or religion? I am not trying to knock anyone's religion, I am just saying we need to think why someone is asking us to do something and not just do it!

The bible states: 'He who follows righteousness and mercy finds life, righteousness and honor.' Proverbs 21:21
It tells us, we need to follow righteousness and mercy, not follow someone because we are told to do so out of ???? We must look at what we are being told to do and why we are being told to do it.

Are we being told to follow a safety procedure to remain safe and alive? Are we being asked to follow a written law to protect ourselves or others? Is our spouse asking us to do something because it is important to them that we are one their side, that we respect their request? The bible tells us in Titus and in other areas, that we are to love our husbands and they are to love us.

The bible tells the older women to mentor the younger women in the ways they should go. My grandmother was a wonderful mentor. She always looked beautiful, she was kind, she volunteered and helped others, she did take me to church on occasion when I was with her and she did what my grandfather asked her to do within reason. My grandfather raced horses and my grandparents lived in some pretty strange places...several kitchenette hotel rooms, 2 stable stalls turned into a one room apartment, a garage, etc.

No matter where they lived, my grandmother always made the best of it and her and my grandfather always sat down and talked out what needed to be done. I don't ever remember my grandmother complaining about where they were at any given time (they had their own home, but until retirement, rarely lived in it), she made the best of it!

I remember my grandfather coming in from work and always giving my grandmother a kiss, asking about her day, telling her about his and I remember them sitting down and discussing finances, shopping, dinner plans, they talked about everything. My grandmother didn't work out of the home, but my grandfather didn't make her feel less because of it. He didn't command her to follow him because he was the one who worked, he took care of her and loved her.

That is what I have learned this week. Be honest, be respectful, be the best you can be for everyone in your life, do your best at work, work hard, be honest, but don't do something because someone else says you have to do it, do it because it is the right thing to do!


Margaret said...

The last paragraph summs up how we all should live. Great post.

autumnesf said...

Yes. You can definitely get an AMEN.

Sounds like your grandmother was an amazing woman. I bet you can't wait to see her again in glory!

Jenn said...

Great post today! God is our ultimate leader and we definitely shouldn't do or follow anyone that would lead us away from him.