Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Cleaning...

I love all my blog readers and I have many who are wonderful at giving me positive feedback and suggestions. I may never meet any of you, but I pray for you and I try at least once a week to stop by your blog and see how you are doing. So many of you are totally crafty and just amaze me.

Since I read so many and follow so many, I have taken to cleaning up my blog periodically. If I see you haven't made a post to your blog in over 3 months, I am sadly assuming you stopped blogging and found another way to spend your time. I thank you all for sharing a piece of yourself with me.

However, 3 months is the magic number as I said, if you haven't posted, I am sadly going to remove your blog from one that I follow. Please, do not take it personally, I will follow you when you post on a regular basis. This makes it easier and quicker for me to follow active bloggers.

Does anyone else clean our their following list, or is it just me?


Wendy B said...

I have been thinking of it....really hard to keep up with everyone!!!
It is a sensible idea cos checking blogs does take up a lot of time and that eats into quilty pleasures!!!!
sugary hugs and prayers
XX Wendy :O)

hip-chick said...

I do the same thing. A few times I have found that I am not able to follow any new blogs because I am full. So, I clean out the ones that haven't posted in a while just like you do. But, I haven't cleaned you out :)

autumnesf said...

I do it about every 6 months myself. I find that what I'm reading changes so I just roll with it. And some people will pop back up on the list the next cycle because I'm back to reading that kind of blog. LOL. Between frugal living, adoption, military, quilting, friends and family and various interests that change with time....its all about the change! The only ones that tend to stay always are people I have relationships with (even if only online).

Rannyjean said...

Awwwww, you are all so sweet! Wendy, I just love the sugary kisses, Autumn i am with with and Hip-Chick, thanks for reading and not deleting! I am with each of you and I read more than quilting blogs...I read Christian women blogs, crafting blogs, friends, healing is time consuming, but I know many people just quit blogging. Thanks for the great comments!