Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beautiful Quilts For Orphans

When we lived in Arizona, we had the most fantastic neighbors, they were generous, kind, giving and no matter if you needed their help or not, they were always there to offer it to you.

The Honey family. Arnold the patriarch passed on last year and leaving behind his wonderful wife Shirley and the kids. Shirley is the most amazing crocheter I have ever seen.

When baby boy's blanket began to unravel, she reworked the stitches so he could keep it. When each on of the kids were born, she made them crocheted piggy banks and I have never visited her home where she wasn't crocheting something.

When I put out a call for help with the quilts I need for the orphans, she spoke right up and said I will do this. Today, I received two beautiful quilts for the orphans in Sierra Leone from Shirley. Here is the first one, it is heavy and gorgeous. No, little one doesn't get to keep it, she was my model for these.

Here is the second one. Both of them were made with a different pattern and yarn and are beautiful.

I have a quilt in the works to go with these...thank you Mrs. Honey, I love you and I now only have 45 more to go.

If anyone else would like to donate a quilt to these orphans, please contact me.


autumnesf said...

I'm hoping to get one done but life is not co-operating! The girls brought sewing projects with them so there is no time for them to do quilts like I thought they would like. Tell me again the deadline you are working with.

hip-chick said...

Oh what beautiful work she does and what a worthy cause.