Saturday, November 20, 2010

Looking Forward To 'Getting Away!'

I am not sure how much I have written recently or how many of you know that I am now working 2 jobs and my hubs is working six days a week to try to catch up and pay bills off since we got so far behind when I wasn't working and then work slowed down at my full-time position and with my health issues, I am physically wiped out!

My days now start at 4 AM, where I drag my body out of bed, grab a quick cupa, head into the shower, get dressed, finish my cupa and then out the door to a daycare facility where I open and take care of a family from 5:30-8:00. Without our facility, this family wouldn't be able to make it to work at 6:00.

I then get into my car and drive 22 miles to my full-time job and leave there at 4:30 arriving to pick up the kids at school by 5:00 and then into our evening routine.

Thanksgiving tradition for us means driving to my best friend Johns several hours away and knowing my hubs and John take care of most of the cooking. I get to crawl into John's huge spa tub and soak my aches and pains away for as long as I wish and it comes complete with a rubber ducky!

The tub in our house is to difficult, to narrow and to short for me to get into, so I look forward to the trips to Johns for the indoor tub and the outdoor hot tub.

This year, I am looking forward to not having to get up at 4 AM for several days and just being able to relax!

I keep praying my handmade items will sell, but they never seem to. This week however, the ladies group at my church took one for a silent auction to help pay for bible study books. Whatever they make they will keep in groups of $25, I will take the remaining money to use to make another quilt. They want to auction several off so everyone can pay for their books!

When so many people are out of work, I am blessed to have 2 jobs. No matter how exhausted I become, I am always thankful for my blessings!


Cathy said...

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy that bathtub!

hip-chick said...

Sometimes it is hard to find our blessings. But even in difficult times God is always blessing us.