Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Bib

Here is my latest attempt at free motion quilting. This time I picked a smaller canvas and decided to try my hand at stippling a baby bib. I didn't get it 100%, but it did come out looking pretty good.

I chose the fabric on the front because it just reminds me of days gone by with the old fashioned Santa and they toys in his pack. I just smiled in delight at this retro print fabric I found hidden in my stash.

I am really not liking the bias tape around the neck, I think next time I will just make my own binding for this area.

For the back, I used a fabric I have used quite a bit in the last month or so for various projects, a soft green snowball print flannel. I think the flannel will be softer on the babies face at wiping time!

If you look closely, you can see a better picture of the stippling I did. Not to bad for a person that has an old sewing machine and is self-taught! I thought for the first try at this type of FMQ, it wasn't to bad!

I have a friend who is having a yard sale tomorrow and I will probably toss it out there and see what happens. If I make $3 on it, I will be happy or even $2.50.

It has been a glorious day so far. I worked my daycare job this morning, ran errands, made a bib, read my Bible study for about an hour and sewn a bib. Now, it is time to get my caboose in gear, clean up the house and decide what to fix the kiddies and hubs for dinner. I want to fix something special reason, just cuz!

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