Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa:
The things I truly want for Christmas this year, I don't think you can bring me from the North Pole, but I would like to ask you for the following:
Can you sooth my heart and make it not hurt so much since my mom went home to be with Jesus? I really miss hearing her voice everyday and the encouragement she always gave me when I felt the world was closing in on me.

Can you find me a really good doctor for my Fibromyalgia so I can feel 'NORMAL,' again? I truly dislike being in pain, waking up in pain, hurting all the time and I am sorry Santa, smiling through ones pain is over still hurts!

Can you lend me some of your elves? I still have 49 quilts to make for the orphans in Sierra Leone and the elves that have told me they would help, returned I guess to the North Pole to help you as we are getting closer to Christmas.

Can you continue to remind me of the spirit of Christmas? I know we have a lot to be thankful for in spite of our current trials and I want you to show me those this year I need to help...even if it is just a cup of coffee for someone standing in the cold!

Can you send me an electrician to change out our homes electrical, so we can finally get insulation and central heat? This week the temperature in my bathroom got down to 56 and that is cold! Also it would help my husband to not have to split wood every night.

Can you send my husband a log splitter (not the electrical kind, but a two legged one that is younger and split the wood all at once). Yes Santa, I know he will protest, but in the long run, he will accept the help!

Santa, can you give me the strength to complete 3 very special quilts for my sisters and brother before Christmas ? I know we all have our own lives, but they need these to heal!

My son Joseph, Santa he needs a warm place to stay during the cold winter. He won't leave the streets and leave his dog, can you find a special place for him that will take his dog as well. He has a wonderful heart, maybe a place that takes care of animals?

While you are doing all of this Santa, I could really use a walking partner. Not one on paper, but one who will make me walk and push me to go further each day, some Tai Chi videos, a personal trainer?

For years Santa, I lived in the desert, spent Christmases with dirt and sun...would it be to much to ask to have you sprinkle some snow on our house on Christmas day? I don't need a lot, just a little to show me its Christmas and its magic.

Santa, Christmas isn't about the gifts or what we can receive, it is about the baby Jesus coming to earth to give us the greatest Christmas gift of all, Himself! Which in turn shows many of us that we need to give a part of ourselves to others not just at Christmas, but every day of the year.

Santa, while Christmas isn't about gifts, I do have a few small requests for myself and my family along the line of selfishness, but you already know what those are. For those that don't, the following is just a part of my wish list:
  • Accuquilt
  • New Sewing Machine
  • New Ceiling Tiles and lights for the basement
  • Honey to finish his Honey 'Do' list
  • 2 sets of cubbies for the kids desks
  • A light box (Large, please)
  • A vacation to a NASCAR race next year
  • More time with the grands and hubs exploring the state

Santa, I can still hear the bells, I know you exist in all our hearts! And, don't worry about the list, because they don't have to all show up at Christmas! Thanks Santa, I feel better knowing my letter to you for the year is completed!

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