Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goodbye Chase Bank in 2011

I haven't really enjoyed banking since Chase Bank took over Washington Mutual which I still think was a huge mess and bad business for the consumers. But then again, it is banking and we all know bankers do not give two shakes about the consumer!

Yesterday I received a notice in the mail advising me that beginning in February 2011, my free checking account will be gone and my cost per month will capitulate to $12 per month.

Say what you want about reward cards, getting money back using your debit card, quick deposits via the ATM or your cell phone...I am NOT paying $12 to have a checking account and as much as I hate changing banks, I am going to and that means switching not one, but numerous accounts I have...a royal pain!

I just can't justify giving the bank $144 of my dollars on top of all the other charges they want...$2 for a non-ATM fee plus whatever the other bank charges and many more fees.

What about this blurb? If you have automatic deposits that total $500 you can receive free checking....but and this is a big can't have 2 deposits that equal $500 it must all be on one.

First of all, I don't have automatic deposit and secondly, this is just another step in Chase to rip us the consumers off. We need banks, no doubt, but these fee's are going up higher and higher and it just isn't worth it to me.

They don't pay interest on savings, so put your money in a pickle jar and it will add up just as quickly and when you want to take money out of the pickle jar, it won't cost you anything to do so.

Bye, Bye Chase....


Cheran said...

Good for you - with the way banks are daily ripping off consumers with the free money they get from OUR gov't, it is heinous that they have the nerve to charge us directly also! The only way people can make them see is to take away the business and refuse to put up with it. Check out your local credit union, they are 100% member owned, and usually you can find a checking account that will pay you interest. Plus, you are keeping business in YOUR community!

autumnesf said...

One big benefit to being military is the credit unions. We have no fees unless we bounce a check. It is awesome. Is there any type of credit union in your area that you can check into? We do pay to purchase our paper checks but have free bill pay so I use like one pack of check per six months. We've been here close to a year and a half and I'm still on the first box we bought.

Michele said...

Join a credit union! Best alternative out there. I'm sure you can find one in which to become a member. Worth every penny.

Patty said...

I agree, you should check around. There is usually a place that doesn't charge their customers for every little thing.