Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request

I received the following Email this morning from a friend of mine in Phoenix. His wife Zofie is his world and she has been ill for many years. Please, pray for this family, doctors, Zofie and the entire medical team and then copy and paste and pass this on!

I can't begin to tell you what an inspiration this family has been to me personally and professionally and how humble and loving a family man Pete is. Please, they need our prayers!

Friends.....I know I have spoken to many of you already, but I wanted to send an update on Zofie's condition. I had to bring her to St. Joe's Friday for the 3rd time in 2 weeks as she was having re-curring seizures that were becoming more severe. She is on 5 meds right now as they attempt to control her seizures and she has not been awake for more than a few seconds since Friday. We know she can hear us as she responds in subtle ways we have become accustomed to. We had noticed a decline in her condition over the past few months and were suspicious that her tumor may have been spreading again. We were told her MRI looked stable but I called BS and asked for our neurosurgeon, Dr. Kris Smith of Barrows. He is truely blessed and seems to be the only one who can accurately read her MRIs. We did not receive very good news today, as he informed us that her tumor had become more aggressive and was spreading in 2 separate locations which he showed us on her MRI. The tumors were in fact causing her seizures. Dr. Smith told us that he had scheduled her for surgery tomorrow, Dec. 8, but that if we wanted to do nothing and forgo the surgery, that would be an option at this point. Although Justin, Jaclyn and I expected this, it still hit us pretty hard. I told him to plan on the surgery and that I would let him know if we decided to let her go. At first, we were thinking this might be best as she has endured so much. While I was speaking with Pastor Tom on the phone, Dr. Smith came into the room. I asked him how long she had if we did nothing and he said maybe 3 months. I then asked what about if we did the surgery and he said he did not really know with her. He said that with anyone else, he would have recommended 5 years ago that we do nothing more, but with her he could not do that, as she has bounced back so many times. He did assure us that removing the tumors would stop the seizures. At that point I opted to have him perform the surgery. I could not imagine seeing her in this condition or worse for 3 months. I also do not believe a man of Dr. Smith's character would have offered to perform the surgery if it was not a sound option that would extend her life and the precious time we could spend together. I looked at her face, and although I know it is hard for you to understand, she did not look to me like she was ready to leave us at this point. My mind was made up and with encouragement from Pastor Tom and others, I believe I have made the right decision.

Her surgery is tomorrow morning(today) and with God's blessing, she will improve so we can return home. Please keep her in your prayers, and please feel free to forward this to anyone I might have missed..............Pete

"Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves."