Sunday, December 5, 2010

In All Things, Give Thanks

It has been a difficult few weeks for me since I fell on the ice and while I truly am thankful I didn't hurt myself more than what the docs say I did...I do not believe them!

For the past 3 days, my knee has hurt worse than any pain I have ever felt, I can barely walk on it, I can't move it or bend it when laying down, it locks up and lurches me forward.

My back is in excruciating pain as well and every doctor I go to only seems to address a portion of the fall. This one does legs, this one does backs. Not one does it all. Whatever happened to doctors that weren't specialized in one part of the body, but cared for the entire body?

Since my fall, I have had an ongoing headache that will not stop. I didn't hit my head that I am aware of, but I am aware of the headache!

I guess what I am most thankful for, is ya'll allowing me to vent!


Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

So now you have to get a HEADACHE doc??? I agree, I wish they would just cover it all.....

Patty said...

Go ahead and vent! I don't blame you for doing it. I agree..why can't there be a doctor that can take care of all the problems. So often when you have to go to multiple doctors they don't know what the other ones have done and you just keep repeating yourself everytime you see someone new.