Friday, January 14, 2011

Come One, Come All Tomorrow The Giveaway Ends!

Please do not forget to leave your comments my friends and let others know that our January giveaway is ending tomorrow.

All comments left give you an extra entry and I can't wait to choose the winners of this years first giveaway. Even more exciting is that I have 2 great named sponsors already for the next giveaway...just think wonderful smells and bright lighting and you might be able to guess who it is...

It is always exciting to see what each giveaway brings. Some of them bring lots of entrants and some not so much and remember you can always re-gift what you win to a friend, someone in need, a charity.

Every once in awhile, I toss in an extra hidden item I am giving away.

All of the 1st prizes are brand new, usually sponsored or purchased by myself and many of them are items I no longer need, but don't want to send to the trash pile and want to recyle and share with others.

Any which way you are a winner and in my eyes, all my readers are winner!


Brenda said...

Can't wait!

autumnesf said...

LOL! I feel kind of guilty entering because I won something from you before!

Quiltingranny said...

Autumn, the more you comment, the more entries you receive and the great thing about my blog, you can win over and over as I don't pick the numbers, a random number generator does.
Good Luck!