Saturday, January 15, 2011

This One's a Sender....

As many of you know, I was a part of the law enforcement community for over 12 years as a 911 operator and I still carry it with me in my heart and for those that are still serving. I am always asking people to donate to 911 a wonderful cause that helps those hidden voices in the dark and during the tough times.

When 911 operators hit tough spots, 911 Cares is there for them. One of the dispatchers I read about lives in Oregon and her son is very sick and just a new little guy, so out I whipped this little quilt of boats, f
ish, clouds and sea gulls on a sea of blue.

The back has these adorable little teddies on it, with hearts and I couldn't resist using it for the back and they look so sad, like they are just praying for this little guy to get better!

I used fabric paint for the bottom of the boat and put the babies name on it in a cool blue.

And of course, since his mom is a 911 operator, I placed 911 on the tug boat flag.

The grands asked to pray over this quilt and we all prayed together for this little baby and his family. Of course, I always pray as I am quilting, but when the kids want to pray, it is so awesome!

Thank you once again Dayna for the sewing machine, for without your kindness, this wouldn't have been even started!


autumnesf said...

I love that the grands wanted to pray over it with you. Worth its weight in gold to your heart, isn't it?

Dayna said...

I will say a prayer for the wee one and his family.

Patty said...

I'll keep the family in my prayers. That is so generous of you to send the darling quilt. I love how you personalized it.