Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stop The Presses! The Winners Are

The Winners Are In

Congratulations to the following 6 winners (I chose an extra winner as a surprise) they are as follows:

1st Prize winner of the $15 Shasta Gift Certificate goes to: Chelsey

2nd Prize winner of the Christian Tee-Shirt goes to: Marcia W.

3rd Prize winner of the label maker goes to: Nikki Cole

4th Prize winner of the Mom's Prayer Book goes to: Patty

5th Prize winner of the envelope of fabric goes to: Autumn

6th Prize winner of Ellie Kay's Book; 'Frugal Living,' goes to Free Indeed

Congratulations to you all, I can't wait to reveal our next contest but right now, I am waiting for both of them to arrive at my home from the sponsors.

Thank you all for taking the time to leave your wonderful comments. All winners will be notified shortly with instructions on how to contact me to receive your winnings!

I want to take a minute to just say how nice it is that I have been blessed to have sponsors for my blog, I hope that sometime during the contest or the year that follows you will each think about visiting these wonderful shops and sponsors and doing business great or small with them and if and when you do....please let them know you came via the blog contest.


Nikki Cole said...

Thank you :)
I can't wait to use my label maker!!

autumnesf said...

Thank you again for a lovely give-away! And I visited the Shasta Quilt shop today and put in an order...and let them know I came through your blog.

Also just wanted to let you know I am knee deep in a project of making 11 lap quilts for a group of ladies...but if I ever need a break or run low on this creative roll I'm on, I plan on making and sending you a twin for your charity. Have started a bunch of scrap blocks that I am throwing to the side in hopes of collecting enough to whip up a quick quilt!

Quiltingranny said...

What a sweetie you are Autumn and I know Vickie appreciates the business and you will be happy with her service and fabric.

Marcia W. said...

Thank you for your sponsored giveaway. I must go shopping for my tee! Will give them some time, however, as you suggested in your email.