Saturday, January 1, 2011

Organizing The Bathroom

I know, many of you are thinking: 'has she lost her mind, why organize the bathroom?'

First of all, I am very good at tossing out expired food and medication, however today I was shocked to realize all my over the counter (OTC) meds were not just expired, but almost expired a year ago.

So, I bagged them up and will drop them off at a local pharmacy or hazardous household waste in our area that will take them. But Wait...!!

I also found nail polish that was thicker than cement, tweezers I thought I had lost and in organizing, I realized I need a new moisturizing lotion, mine is almost done, my favorite mascara had become flaky since the last time I used it and, it was time to wash and disinfect all my make-up brushes.

Then it was into the kids bathroom where I realized we have far to many towels for one family and the only way to fix that problem is to have each child choose 2 sets and donate the rest. Of course, I will keep extra washcloths and bar towels on hand as we use them in place of paper towels when something spills.

I then emptied out a basket of shells we had on the back of the toilet and cleaned it all up, put in a new ribbon and placed all the hairbrushes and combs inside the basket. I am hoping with them where everyone can see them, they will use them a bit more often. Before, they were buried in with the towels.

Barrettes and girls hair things have their only short shelve, but you could use an under shelf basket as well. The key to keep things organized is that people have to be able to find what they are looking for and have easy access to putting things back.

I also check the shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/floss/mouthwash/bandaids, etc. this is the time I list how many we need and ensure I pick up the entire years supply at Costco and call my local Avon lady for shampoo.

So....the kids rooms, drawers, closets are organized, the master bed and bathroom are organized and that my friends is where the 1st of January finds me.

Tomorrow will be a run to the laundry mat to wash our comforter, working on my sewing closet and I have some pretty cool ideas for the kitchen. When that is done, hubs and I are going to tackle the basement as a team.

Happy New Year my friends!


free indeed said...

You must be feeling terrific! I know when I am clutter free and organized I feel soooo good! January is a good month for doing some deep cleaning. I try to tackle some big jobs so when the nice weather comes, I can sit back, kick off my shoes and soak up the warm sunshine without a hint of guilt! Keep up the great work!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

You are my hero... I need to work on my bathrooms but right now working on my utility craft room.

Quiltingranny said...

Feeling okay, still so much to do and Kim, I start my sewing closet today... we will see how that goes!
I think using 1 in the house and 1 out helps...well I keep trying anyway!