Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please Help!

Awhile back I asked for all quilters, knitters and crocheters who read my blog to help me assist some blind orphans by making them blankets. All they had to be were twin sized easy to make quilts.

I was so blessed when my dear friend (second mom) Shirley Honey from Arizona stepped up and not only made 1 but 2 quilts thus helping me to close the number gap a bit. I still have 47 more quilts to make and our missionary will be returning sometime this year to head back to the orphans in the spring or early summer.

My blog readers are the best and have reached out and helped me in so many ways so I can continue this quest:
  • Dayna sent me a new sewing machine
  • Paweis sent me lots and lots of fabric
  • Someone donated to me not 1, but 3 rolls of batting
  • Sulky donated thread to keep me going
I have one quilt on the couch I am waiting to finish, I am making one for a baby who is ill in the hospital and one for my granddaughter. All are needed very much.

I am once again reaching out and asking you to help these blind orphans in Sierra Leone have warmth and something that belongs to just them by calling all my friends to make a small twin sized quilt for these who need them so much.

The ministry is called Rescue Ministries International and there is an icon on my sidebar. All you need is to make one, send it to me and I will see to it that Lindsey and John receive it and you will get a letter from them as well as a tax write off.

Sew 6 or 8 fat quarters together, add some batting and a back and voila, a quilt!

I am so blessed to be able to do this and so blessed to have so many that support me as I try to support and reach out to others!


Suzanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful project... Do you have any pictures of quilts you have made. When do the quilts need to be finished? I work with a project called Dress A Girl around the World. We make dresses out of donated pillowcases and send them to girls in need.

Melinda Cornish said...

you can count on me Jean....I will make one maybe two...I need a project to get me going again anyway!