Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deer Apples and Other Unknowns

Have you ever heard of Deer Apples? I never had until yesterday morning at our local produce stand. I had run in to pick up some oranges for my juicing machine when the lady just put a sign on this box (which was full) of pears and apples.

What are deer apples? I asked and you may be asking...
They are simply apples they may have come to them with bite marks from deer, bruises, etc.

I snapped up the giant box for $5 because in our home, we cut off the bad spot and shoot the rest into our juicer where it removes the skin, seeds, etc.

The kids loved coming home from school to a large pitcher of ice cold apple pear juice and when it was gone, I made a second batch.

So, if you have a juicer and hate paying high prices for fruit. You might want to ask your local produce stand or even produce manager at the market if they sell Deer Apples. Can't hurt and it will save you lots of money!

Also, coming from Arizona where washing ones car is second nature and living in Washington where you might have only 1 day out of the month to wash it, I admit I wasn't thinking Monday after the doctor when I stopped by the car wash and rinsed my car 30 degree weather.

Yesterday, I couldn't get the doors open. You guessed it, they all froze shut!

Oh well, live and learn, I now have a clean car on the outside anyway!

Have a blessed day!

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Sherry said...

I think a juicer would be a great thing to have.