Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sooooooooooooooo Cold In Here!

It is so cold in the house right now, 60 degree's and I can't seem to get warm. I am wearing long johns and sweats because I just came in from running errands.

Why can't we get some insulation assistance? It is such a mess around here. I called our local Grays Harbor PUD and here is what I was told:
In order to qualify for their grant for insulation, I must have electric heat. I explained that we used to have oil, the tank leaked and it was extremely expensive so we got rid of it and are using wood heat with portable electric heat as back up.

That isn't good enough, I must have baseboard or cadet heaters. Well, my neighbor just had brand new Cadet heaters and thermostats installed in her home and you know what? She is freezing to death, they don't work, so why waste all that money to install heaters that will be pulled out anyway? Makes no sense.

What would make sense if I could qualify for any program to get help insulating this 1926 home and then, I could get electric heat and use my fireplaces as back up or to pre-warm the house. No, you must have electric heat physically installed first.

Now, here is why it makes no sense. First of all, Grays Harbor PUD offers 2 programs...1 for insulation and one for heat pump....you must have insulation to qualify for the heat pump grant and that makes sense. But in order to qualify for the insulation grant, you must have electric heat already installed.

Forget gas, while there is gas in our area, it would mean having to run lines, drilling holes in our house, running lines and the isn't feasible either.

Where oh where is Extreme Home Makeovers when I need them?

Well, gotta run, the fire place needs more kindling and I am starting to chatter!

BTW....I still love living in Washington, only wish I hadn't sunk my entire life savings into a house that soaks up money like a sponge!


Jenn said...

BRRRRR! That's a bit chilly. Hope you get warmed up soon. We heat with wood also, but it is an outdoor woodburner.

Pokey said...

You might have to take up power walking to build up your body heat. Where are the hot flashes when you need them? :-} grins, pokey

autumnesf said...

Right now our electric is much cheaper than our gas...so there is another reason not to run lines. My bill goes from 60/80$ in the summer with almost no gas usage, to $300 in the winter with the gas heat. And that's not even keeping it what I consider warm. Military houses probably almost as old as yours with next to no insulation. Hate it.

Quiltingranny said...

Autumn, I love my home, I just wish the organizations that are meant to help would. How can the electric company justify what they are doing!