Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Corner of Paradise!

It's not to often I look out my window and see someone on a is less often when I look and realize it is hubs working in the area.

Actually, I normally wouldn't even watch him because his job makes me very nervous...but I know he loves us and is very safe at what he does...still, I don't like heights, so seeing him up high, makes me squirm!

Still, I couldn't help snapping this picture of him!

For those n
on-believers that do not think the sun ever shines in coastal Washington, here's proof that yes it does!

However, while it was sunny this particular morning last week on the way to school, it was freezing. Coming from Arizona, I have come to understand just because the sun is out doesn't mean I can run out in sandals and shorts! Still, I love everyday the Lord gives to us and am never amazed at how quickly things can change!

This last picture was taken that very same day on my way back from Olympia. It hadn't started to rain yet, but it was coming!

I love watching the skies here, the clouds are always in a hurry to move onto their next destination, racing by in a constant state of swirling and motion!

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