Friday, March 11, 2011

Pray For Japan, It's People and Residents In Coastal Lands

Devastating news this morning out of Japan. I want to remind everyone to pray for Japan, its people, the country that has just been ravished by this earthquake, the after shocks and the Tsunami that followed.

I know we are all suffering personally ourselves, but I do believe we can reach into our pockets, piggy banks, change jars, fabric stash and begin to help these people in some small way. Contact a local church, the Red Cross or just watch the news. Ensure you send to a reputable organization.

I read where a woman and her very elderly mother couldn't get up to their apartment due to the electricity being out and were standing outside in the cold. Remember, it does get cold in Japan.

I have no connection to Japan, I have never been there, don't know anyone living there, but I am connected to everyone through Jesus Christ and my believe that we should always reach out to others.

Please, do not think there is NOTHING you can do or that you won't make a difference, I once felt that way, then Hurricanes Rita and Katrina hit and these were my feelings 5 years later: '
What I learned during the Hurricane Katrina crisis and others that followed in its aftermath is that no matter how small you think your contribution will be, no matter how little you think you have to offer, the people in the midst of the crisis will think it is huge.'

I wanted to go to New Orleans, I wanted to reach out, however, other obligations kept me home, so I quilted and quilted and mailed quilts to 911 cares and I did make a difference. No, I didn't reach thousands or even hundreds, but I reached people in need and that was my purpose.

I gathered toiletries, combs, feminine products (bet you didn't think about those things), clean new or used clothing (don't send junk, you don't want or wouldn't wear).

Did I make a dent? No! Did I help those hurting? Yes! How? Because I never once gave up believing that while I can't help everyone, I could help one or two and so can you.

Pray...we can all pray. Pray for the missing, for the survivors, families, their country, pray for Alaska, Hawaii (I do have friends here), California, Oregon and Washington residents.

We are right now under a Tsunami watch, but I never panic believing panic doesn't solve anything, it just causes more panic.

God Bless you all this morning and just remember sometimes waiting and being open to hearing when your opportunity to help is what God wants!


Scrappy quilter said...

I agree, more than anything we can pray. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs

Rosa-Munda said...

Thank you for the reminder that even one person can make a difference, and being united in prayer is one of the most important things we can all do. Ros