Thursday, March 10, 2011

What One Quirky Gadget Can You Not Live Without?

Do you shave? Your clothes? I do and I didn't realize until my son and his family came to visit that I have done this for many years. I didn't remember doing it, but he and his dad confirmed it and I have a larger clothes shaver way back when.

I cannot stand clothes pills...hate em, they creep me out, feel horrible, look awful, will throw something out if I have to....but no clothes pills.

I find they seem to more prevalent on sweat shirts and pants than anything else and since we live in these up here in the great Northwest, I have to have a pill shaver and I sit down in the evenings while watching television and shave those little puppies off the clothing.

I also think by doing this, they seem to pill less over time and eventually some clothes no longer need shaving.

I also find gray and red sweat shirts don't seem to pill as much as other colors and pants are much worse than shirts but only with certain grands, not all of them get pant pills in the crotch area.

I also have a Magic Bullet I purchased when they first hit the market and wouldn't get a regular blender for any amount of money. It is convenient, fits in a drawer and I don't have to clean it out between making a blueberry smoothie for one child and a strawberry for another...

So, share with me and others, what gadget is it that you simply could not live without and share with us why you can't!

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IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Funny...I can't stand those pills either...yucky.