Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catching up on 30 Days of Photos...2,3,4,5

Day #2 was to post a picture of someone that has been in your life the longest & I have to post this picture of my hubs and best friend who have both been in my life forever....I met John first & then, married hubby several months later............This was the most amazing vacation I had ever had & still remains in my memory! Thanks you 2 for never giving up on me though at times I am sure you both would have loved to toss me over the railing!
Though it has been over for several years, I loved prison was a bit stupid at the end, but I loved the cast and the fact that in the end, they won...though I thought it stunk they killed Michael off in the end. The producers now have a new show & its good and what I like about it is that by the end of the show, the episode is over. Guess that has to do with my type A personality that wants things finished when they are started!
So, this would be day #3 photo!

#4- Photo of my favorite night.............nope! I can't choose just one night of my life to designate as my favorite, so I will leave this one:
This past Christmas surrounded by family and best friend!

#5 A picture of my favorite memory.....probably anything just growing up. Life was simple back then, we were outside all the time, dressed up, lived in a very small single wide mobile home with 6 people and yet, rarely did it ever seem crowded. I could dump all my stuff and live in one of those homes again if it would uncomplicate life as I live it! Wouldn't many of us choose to go back to being a kid?

This was my moms dress and who knows where I got the crown, but I have a picture on my sisters birthday with my mom in this dress holding a cigarette...oh, it is classic.

I keep wondering where all my hair is, then it came to me that this had to be right after my 7th grade graduation, so most of it was ratted, teased and sprayed on the top of my head.

The car behind me belonged the my boyfriend Eric's family.

So, enjoy!


Scrappy quilter said...

Great pictures. Hugs

Vicki said...

Great pictures and wonderful memories!