Monday, April 18, 2011

Day #14 Someone I Can't Imagine My Life Without


I don’t wake up every morning … and see God’s beauty in my eyes
I’m not always nice and friendly … no matter how I try
I don’t always feel like reading … my Bible every day
And many times I pretend I’m broke … when tithes I need to pay
When the church doors are all opened … Sometimes I stay at home
I don’t always feel a need to go … cause my mind will only roam
When the preacher’s sermon goes on and on … and on, and on, and on
I feel that I’d be better off … if I were fishing at the pond
I don’t feel much like paying bills … or going to work each day
I don’t feel the need to get out of bed … when my alarm clock starts to play
But, I thank God my souls not saved … based on how I feel
God is the same day after day … his word is true and real
He sent his son as a sacrifice … to save those who are lost
I can only guess how Jesus felt … as he hung there on the cross
It did not matter how he felt … he did what he knew he should
He knew that it would cost his life … as they nailed him to the wood
The Father’s heart was broken … as he sent his son to die
But a sacrifice was needed … and only God knew why
He doesn’t base his love on feelings … he bases it on truth
What God says, is what God does … and his actions are his proof
So I praise God in the morning … because I know it’s right
I pay my tithes and go to church … without a mental fight
I try to do what Jesus would … and live life as Jesus did
And never base my love of God … on feelings that are hid

I just cannot imagine my life without Jesus!


Hilachas said...

I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for posting. Have a blessed day.

Scrappy quilter said...

Me either friend, me either. Hugs